1970 Seasider

Casting #: 6413
Designer: Howard Rees
Production Run: 1970-1971
Note: Produced only in the U.S. All interiors on this model will be black, with the exception of the very rare orange version with white interior and SINGLE exhaust pipes on the chassis. The orange Seasider is believed to be a prototype, as it has never been found in blisterpack. Some rare, early Lime-colored models may also have the single pipes. The boat was either orange or white on top, and vice versa for the bottom. It must be present in order for this model to be considered complete.
Picture and description thanx to NCHWA.com

NCHWA.com Ratings
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Light Green 3$63 ..
Lime 3$63 ..
Yellow 3+$75 ..
Rose 3+$75 ..
Red 4$88 ..
Green 4$88 ..
Magenta 4+$100 ..
Blue 6-$126 ..
Hot Pink 8+$200 ..
Aqua 16+$500 ..
Purple 26+$1,300 ..
Orange 29-$1,701 ..
Light Blue 32-$2,301 ..
. .
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