1970 Whip Creamer

Casting #: 6457
Whip Creamer
Designer: Paul Tam
Production Run: 1970-1971
Note: All interiors were found in black/brown, with the rare variations of U.S. and Hong Kong versions with white interiors. These do add a premium. The Whip Creamer was Paul Tam's first casting.
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Light Green 2$41 ..
Yellow 2$41 3$63
Red 2$41 3$63
Lime 2+$50 ..
Green 2+$50 3$63
Rose 2+$50 ..
Aqua 3-$51 3+$75
Magenta 3-$51 ..
Blue 3$63 2+$50
Hot Pink 4-$76 ..
Purple 4+$100 5$113
Salmon 5$113 ..
Light Blue 12+$300 ..
. .
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