1971 AMX/2

Casting #: 6460
Designer: Existing Design
Production Run: 1971 only
Note: Produced only in AThe U.S. Featured a black interior and 2 black engine covers that could be opened to expose the engine. Based on an AMC prototype that was built, but never even had an engine installed.
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Light Green 3$63 --.
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Yellow 3+$75 --.
Red 3+$75 --.
Green 3+$75 --.
Magenta 4-$76 --.
Purple 5$113 --.
Hot Pink 5$113 --.
Salmon 6$138 --.
Blue 13$326 --.
. .
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1971 Hot Wheels Redline 'AMX/2' Reproduction Windshield 6460US
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