1970 Moving Van

Casting #: 6455
Moving Van
Designer: Ira Gilford
Production Run: 1970-1972
Note: Heavyweights Series. Produced only in Hong Kong. This model is a "stubby" cab version, and comes with a trailer that could be found in either white or grey. There should be a decal on the sides of the trailer that says "Hot Wheels (logo) Van Lines." There is a rear door variation; one is smooth, with no details, and the other has embossed door lines. The smooth variation is considered an early run, and more difficult to find. This feature does command a small premium.
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Color #
All 62 $6811$51
Aqua 2 $40
Blue 5 $72
Gold 1 $1031$103
Green 4 $862$81
Red 1 $9
White 1 $1031$103
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Red .. 2+$50
Green .. 2+$50
Blue .. 2+$50
Aqua .. 2+$50
Olive .. 3+$75
Light Green .. 6$138
Yellow .. 7+$175
Orange .. 9+$225
Purple .. 11$263
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1970 Hot Wheels Redline Metallic Blue Moving Van Blister Pack The Heavyweights
23 bids, 20 watchers
Ended 53 days ago
Hot Wheels Redline MOVING VAN Light Green Heavyweights VG/EX TOUGH COLOR !!!
Best Offer or Buy it Now
Ended 83 days ago
Hot Wheels Redlines 1970 HK Moving Van Mint "The Heavyweights" Gold/White/Green
11 bids, 9 watchers
Ended 15 days ago
Hot Wheels Redline 1970 HEAVYWEIGHT moving van Excellent Condition
Best Offer or Buy it Now
Ended 80 days ago
Original Hot Wheels Redline Heavyweight Moving Van Green 1970 HK NM/exc.
Best Offer or Buy it Now
Ended 28 days ago
Original 1970 Hot Wheels Heavyweights Moving Van Redline Near Mint Aqua Cab
22 bids, 4 watchers
Ended 19 days ago
Hot Wheels Redline MOVING VAN Green Heavyweights White Int F/G Solid Truck !!!
Best Offer or Buy it Now
Ended 6 days ago
100% ORIGINAL HOT WHEELS REDLINE 1970 The Heavy Weights Moving Van Lines Blue
Best Offer or Buy it Now
Ended 89 days ago
Hot Wheels Redline MOVING VAN Blue Heavyweights F/G Solid Truck !!!
Best Offer or Buy it Now
Ended 52 days ago
1970 Hot Wheels Redline Blue Moving Van
1 bids, 2 watchers
Ended 66 days ago
1970 100% Original Hot Wheels Redline Metallic Aqua Moving Van The Heavyweights
9 bids, 7 watchers
Ended 22 days ago

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